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9 reasons why you should start cross stitch on waste canvas

There are many reasons to start cross stitching with us. You might thought cross stitch is for old ladies and nothing trendy about it. Well, it's time to think again!


It’s really simple to do and at the end you have not only spent hours of quality time with your favorite hobby, but you also end up with a really trendy, fashionable item which will last for years to come and you can show it off every day.

Cross stitching on waste canvas



Your friends will be amazed when they see how talented you are. And you are gonna be so cool it’s unbelievable. It’s handmade by you but doesn’t look cheap and tacky. The bag quality is outstanding and your artwork on it will make it truly unique.


When you stitch it for a friend they will be so appreciative of your gift. Even if they have never been looking for a cross stitched bag. They will think you are cool because you thought about their personality and have not just done something they don’t want hanging on their wall. And of course, that makes you happy as you won’t have the “they don’t appreciate my work” feeling ever again!

Seriously everyone in my family wants to take my samples home 🙂 Sometimes I let them 🙂


Our cross stitch kits makes everyone happy


You save a lot of money compared to a framed cross stitch picture. On average, on a similar size framed project, you would spend twice as much money because framing costs a lot. Or if you don’t then you put it away and maybe never see it again. Is that what you really want to do with your cross stitch? I know you don’t! How do I know? Because I’m a stitcher too.


It’s a good challenge. Not just the size of the patterns, but to stitch onto canvas or felt. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All of our kits come with full instruction and the appropriate needle. If you are still not quite sure you can read our instruction or watch our video tutorials to get the hang of it.


My mum used to do embroidery. Probably yours too. What I saw as a kid was that she always stitched something that she could actually use on a daily basis. A tablecloth, a handkerchief, etc. We know that things change but we still believe this change shouldn't mean cross stitch now needs to be on aida and only for framing projects. We kept the idea in our head to embellish everyday items, to do what mum did. We just changed the items to what modern women use every day and we added some really cool, contemporary designs to it. The world has changed! Cross stitch will need too. For the better!


So relaxing


You still can do it. Fair enough it takes more time, but practice makes perfect! Our advice is that you should start with our smaller kits. To get that “Yes! I done it!” feeling sooner. And cross stitch is one of the most relaxing hobbies nowadays. I know that you are busy with your job and kids and family and so on, but sometimes you deserve some “me time”. When you are not watching your favourite show and not catching up on Facebook. When it’s just you and your thoughts and it’s time to relax.


We have the perfect gift for the stitcher in your life. Our kits are unique and stylish. They really can fit with the receiver’s personality. As they have probably never done anything like it before it won’t be like the classic “socks for Christmas” present. Our products are different. Sort of 2 in 1. You give the opportunity of quality time as well as a fashion item. It’s a win win situation. The receiver doesn’t need to spend a fortune on framing (that they probably wouldn’t anyway) and your present brings true joy to them and makes you happy when you see they love to wear their bag or use their bookmark.


To buy with us is really secure and simple. Every payment is made through PayPal, so there’s nothing to worry about there. Also, our site has a super secure ssl certificate from Comodo, one of the biggest online security companies in the world.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out our stitchable bags here or have a look for our small cross stitch kits here

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