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A little tutorial for our Mystery SAL

We weren't sure if everyone was comfortable to start stitching at the corner of the design or not, so we put together a little tutorial on how to start your Mystery SAL. You will notice that each page has its number and also a little square at the bottom, indicating which part of the design that page contains. That's a good indicator for you to see where are you at that moment.

You can also see the grid lines with the numbers printed at the left and on top of the page, telling you exactly in which square you need to stitch.

We recommend you start with page 1. You see on the photo below we circled our very first stitch, which is 38 stitches down and 34 stitches to the right from the top left corner of the design. Now we need to find the same spot on our aida.

We're using a 50 x50 cm aida. First we measure out the centre point of the fabric, this is going to be the middle of the design as well. From this point we measure out 15 cm to the top, bottom and 2 sides, giving us a 30 x 30 cm square.

The top, left corner of this square should coincide with the top, left corner of your chart. From this point we count 38 squares down and the 34 to the right . This is where we begin our first stitch.

We hope this tutorial was helpful if you were having trouble!Happy stitching everyone!

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