About us

A word from Victoria 

As a keen stitcher myself I’ve spent an immense amount of time looking for the right projects. It’s not that I dislike every kit and chart available today but rather the question “what do I do with the finished work once it’s been completed?”. Let’s be honest, there is only so much room on the walls in one’s home for framed cross stitch projects. Also as human beings we’re quite house proud creatures, so even if I love a chart, I wouldn’t necessarily think it would complement the design of my living room, so some of the stitching will inevitably end up tucked away some place, where it definitely won’t get appreciated on a daily basis. I wanted a better future for my stitching and then came the idea to stitch on different items, things that could be used, seen and appreciated every day. It became my next challenge to find the suitable items. There is a few to be found,  but they are either all completely made of aida or contain an aida panel for stitching which is, to be honest, not that pleasing to my eye. A bag, for example, made out of aida, however nicely it is done, just screams “home-made” to me. I was hoping for a different reaction…The reaction I was hoping for when you show off your last work was: “Oh my god I can’t believe you stitched that!”. Let’s face it, it was never going to happen with a bag which has a sewn on aida panel. This was the point when I decided to create my own stitchable items for myself, then I started designing my own charts for them and they were a success. After positive feedback from friends and family I started to put together the first kits with the help of my husband. Ever since then, our aim has been to create more and more stitchable kits for you and your home which are not just fun to stitch but also stylish, modern and useful. All our kits have been created with waste canvas, water soluble aida or some smaller projects with evenwave. There’s nothing wrong with stitching on aida, but if you’re looking for something different, our kits are just the thing for you.