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Benefits of a hobby

As a keen cross stitcher I often take my projects with me wherever I go and this has created numerous conversations with others about what am I doing.I always get so excited at these times and happy to tell people about cross stitching but more often than not, there are 2 kind of responses I get from people and basically this has prompted me to write this post.

Benefits of a hobby-cross stitch

The second thing I often hear is " Oh I would never have time to do something like that, I'm always so busy." That I actually believe to a certain extent, but really you find time for what you really want to do.

So ok, on one thing we probably will be able to agree on with every single person who reads this post. Life is so much more hectic and fast-paced nowadays than it ever has been before. In these golden ages of digital era we're enjoying an abundance of gadgets and all the internet has to offer in every single waking moment in our life. We are constantly online, we're constantly connected to friends, family and work via facebook and email, we read every single bit of information about what is happening around the world, the moment it's happening through Twitter, we post our photos of experiences and daily life through Instagram and the list just goes on. To sum it up, all our online presence coupled with our real life tasks keep us constantly multitasking throughout the day, our brain is basically over stimulated most of the time and many of us constantly feel like that there's never enough hours in a day to do everything we would need to do. It might seem counterproductive at first but it's all the more reason to have a bit of a breather sometimes. To keep your body and mind healthy on the long term, sometimes you just need a break. Sometimes you just have to relax and clear your mind and charge up so you can be back refreshed in your day to day life. This is where a hobby comes in. Having a hobby is great and it will benefit you in ways that you never thought of before!

1.A hobby is a great way of clearing your mind. Focusing on one single project at a time will keep your mind so occupied that it will be unable to think of anything else, you can shut out everything else other than what you're doing and that gives your mind a much needed break.

2. Stress relief. Yes, in a way it's a same thing as clearing your mind, but don't you think it can only work in every day life. It also works when you're having a particularly bad day or situation for some instant relief. Stress, anxiety, anger and frustration are all passing emotions and the quicker you can focus your mind on something else the quicker they will pass.

Stress relief-hobby

Just relax

3. Having a hobby will boost your creativity. Not just in the way that with experience you'll become constantly better at the craft you do. This applies too of course, as time goes by you take on more complicated projects and even think of new projects for yourself. (This is actually how we started out.) But your creative thinking will flourish overall, in a way that you will see the benefits of it in your everyday life too. We heard numerous stories about people trying to solve a problem, either work related or other and then the solution actually came to them suddenly while they were having some time off with their hobbies, trying to clear their minds.

4. Improve your social life. Having a hobby is a great way to get to know new people at any age. You might be a person that's really outgoing and easy to talk to but some people might feel a bit anxious building new relationships. A hobby in common, a shared interest makes it a lot easier to talk to strangers and get to know them. They might be some great friendships waiting for you and you didn't even realise!

5. Raise your confidence. Do you remember the feeling when you were a child and having created something you ran to your mum to proudly show off your work? Well this is exactly how you still feel when you create something as an adult and this is great! Feeling the joy and pride after completing a project will definitely boost your self confidence and again this is something that will make it easier for you to tackle everyday challenges too!

So see, having a hobby nowadays it's probably more important than ever before and definitely beneficial for everyone! Cross stitching is my hobby, my passion and one of the most awesome, most versatile crafts out there! Do you think I thought a few years back that I'll wear a tote bag that was hand stitched by me? Or I'll be making hand made gifts for everyone and they'll love it ? No way! But really it's all possible with this one single embroidery technique. You don't have to become an expert in a range of different crafts, you can just use this one to create a range of different items. You can stitch on virtually everything that is fabric, thus personalizing it and creating something truly unique! I really hope I managed to ignite your interest towards cross stitching. If yes, then please don't forget to pop back because in my next post I'll take you through step by step on what exactly we're doing and how you can start out yourself. If cross stitching is really not your thing that's ok too, but I still hope you'll find some other hobby to take on, because trust me, it will do you good!

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