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Woohoo! Our Mystery SAL is coming!

A few notes on our Mystery SAL

Ok, let's start at the beginning. What is a SAL and what is so mysterious about it?

SAL is short for stitch-along, which basically means a lot of people stitching the same design at the same time. You can then share and compare your progress, which is great fun and you might even end up with a few new friends along the way. The mystery SAL is a type of stitch-along where a designer ( us in this case) will post only parts of the design at a time and stitchers will complete it without knowing what exactly they're stitching until the design starts to reveal itself. I told you it's gonna be fun, didn't I? 🙂

Specifics about our own Mystery SAL

It is completely free to sign up to our stitch-along, but we do require you to sign up with your email*,because that's the way we're going to send the link to the downloadable pdf charts for you. Also after the SAL finished, we will release the pattern for sale, so anyone taking part will receive the full cross stitch chart for free!

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A dip in the pool of downloadable charts

Not long ago we dipped our little toe (then a whole foot) in to the pool of downloadable charts, but don’t be scared we’re not changing our profile, stitchable kits will always remain our first love…simply because they’re just so cool…so definitely more and more designs and different kits are coming on that front. But we also had some other great ideas we thought probably best stitched as a picture, hence our downloadable charts were born You also might noticed that we didn’t share any free cross stitch charts for a while and that’s because we had a sneaky little idea coming to our mind. Why not celebrate our new “range” ( ok – ok, few pieces) of downloadable patterns with a stitch-along? If it’s a stitch-along then it has to be a Mystery Sal of course, so much more fun! So brace yourself everyone! The idea has been born, the pattern is coming along nicely, so we’ll be able to share the floss list and basic info with you very shortly!

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Stop Bitching and Start Stitching Free Cross Stitch Pdf Chart Download


Well, Christmas is around the corner. If you want to get your cross stitch gifts to be ready, than it’s better to stop bitching and start stitching 🙂

To download the free pdf cross stitch pattern click here (please share)

The design size is 13×9 cm ( 70×46 stitches ) at 14ct Aida

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9 reasons why you should start cross stitch on waste canvas

There are many reasons to start cross stitching with us. You might thought cross stitch is for old ladies and nothing trendy about it. Well, it's time to think again!


It’s really simple to do and at the end you have not only spent hours of quality time with your favorite hobby, but you also end up with a really trendy, fashionable item which will last for years to come and you can show it off every day.

Cross stitching on waste canvas


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