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How to cross stitch on waste canvas

First Of All, You Need To Stitch Your Pattern On Waste Canvas

Than, You Need To Wash Your Bag...

When All The Threads Are Out, Dry Your Bag, Iron It If You Like And Then It Is Ready For Use.

How to complete your stitching:

-First, find the centre of your waste canvas on your bag. For this we recommend using a ruler rather than the usual folding method.

-This point should coincide with the centre of the chart, which is marked with arrows at the top, bottom and sides. The centre of the design is normally the best place to start stitching.

-Bare in mind that since you’re going to stitch your bag upside down, your chart needs to be upside down as well!

-Separate one strand of cotton from the appropriate colour, fold it in half, thread your needle and start stitching, securing your thread with a loop method at the first stitch.

Stitching on waste canvas is like making your cross stitch on a 3x3 hole square. With waste canvas, the “holes” for stitching are the points where four canvas threads intersect, leaving the biggest hole free in the middle. See example below.

When stitching on waste canvas, be sure to thread from and to the small corner holes (1,2,3 & 4) leaving the large hole in the centre (5) only covered by the cross.

How to complete your finished work:

-After completing your stitching, soak your finished item in warm, soapy water for a few minutes.The level of colourfastness to washing is good in all our dyed products, but since cannot be 100% guaranteed, we recommend you use a color catcher with these items.

-During this time the starch holding your canvas together and the special water soluble glue

binding your waste canvas to your bag should dissolve. After few minutes the remaining glue on the fabric can be completely removed by slightly rubbing the fabric against itself.

-Rinse your bag in clear warm water, then gently squeeze out the excess water without twisting or wringing the fabric, pull it to shape and leave it to dry completely.

-Carefully trim the waste canvas, leaving about a 4-5 cm (2 inch) edge around your design.

-You can now start pulling out the threads of the waste canvas, starting on the outer edges and

working in. Continue pulling out the threads under the cross stitch design one at a time, starting with the shorter threads and leaving the longer ones until the end.

-When all the threads are out, iron it if you like and then it is ready for use.

Happy Stitching 🙂

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