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The wonderful world of cross stitch-Part 1

So as I promised in the previous post here I am revealing all the secrets that this mysterious hobby called cross stitch has to offer and more importantly I will show you how you can use it to create wonderful hand decorated items you can use every day, after all, that is our main love. So what is cross stitching? It's something where you get to stab something thousands of times without being arrested. ( Talk about stress relief.) On a bit more serious note, it's exactly what it sounds. It's a type of embroidery where you create tiny x shaped stitches until they form the design. The things you can decorate with cross stitch? Pretty much everything! The most common perhaps is still stitching a picture then framing it, but there's so much more you can do with cross stitching! We have tote bags, backpacks, baseball cap, bookmarks and we continuously adding new items to our stitchable kits. There's also an abundance of designs out there, you're sure to be able to find whatever takes your fancy, whether it be something cute, funny, modern, traditional, sophisticated, crazy,  flowers and so on.

Are you totally new to cross stitching? Don't be afraid! I show you everything!

Let's start with what you would need: 1., Fabric to stitch on 2., Floss to stitch with 3., Needle 4., Pattern to follow 5., Pair of scissors

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